Verde Valley Community Hospice

About Us

Who is Verde Valley Community Hospice?

Verde Valley Community Hospice was established in 2008 by two passionately devoted Firefighters, Trent Adams and Billy Hayes.  Together, they have served on the Fire Department a combined 50 years. Trent and his wife Shelia, a Registered Hospice Nurse, along with Billy, share the same passion to provide quality palliative end-of-life care throughout the Verde Valley community. It is a direct result of their long careers within community service through the Fire Department that they identified a need for a different approach to hospice care that was more locally minded and less corporate driven. Opening Verde Valley Community Hospice has allowed Trent and Billy to continue serving our community by helping those in need of hospice services and their families at a time of great stress. It is by their vision and devotion to patient care that Verde Valley Community Hospice strives to provide hope and compassion to all of those in need of hospice services.


Our Medical Director

Marvin L. Colvin, D.O., is our Medical Director and he has been with Verde Valley Community Hospice since 2009. A native of Arizona, Dr. Colvin is a 1988 graduate of the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (now known as Western University of Health Sciences) in Pomona, CA.  Dr. Colvin moved to Cottonwood in 1977 to help with the family business while earning his prerequisites for medical school. He then completed his degree in osteopathic medicine followed by a residency in family medicine. He returned to Cottonwood in 1991 before purchasing and remodeling the original Cottonwood Hospital in Old Town in 1994 where he established The Family Medical Center where he continues to serve the Verde Valley community. Also within his facility he established the Healing Arts Center that is a community of like-minded providers dedicated to complimentary health and healing professionals. 

Dr. Colvin summarizes his practice belief as; “I believe there are special opportunities for healing throughout a person’s life, including during the dying process. I feel honored to be part of a hospice team that is dedicated to providing services that give the individual and family the opportunities for healing and blessings that come from a well-supported end-of-life experience.” As long as he has been a physician, Dr. Colvin has always remained involved with his patients when hospice services were the most appropriate care. He regards hospice as a continuation of the spectrum of care that people deserve through the course of their lives. He accepted the role as Medical Director of a community based hospice as an opportunity to promote more people receiving the special care that hospice can provide.

Our Administrator

Caleb S. Brown, MBA is our Administrator. Caleb is a native of Dallas, Texas and he moved to the Verde Valley in December 2011. After serving in the US Air Force during the Persian Gulf War as an Aeromedical Evacuation Specialist and Logistics Officer, Lt. Brown returned home and moved to Oklahoma City to be closer to his daughter, Alyssa. Caleb attended the University of Central Oklahoma where he earned his undergraduate degree in Business and Finance in 1997. He then earned his graduate degree from Oklahoma City University in Healthcare Administration in 1999. Caleb's 18 plus year career in serving the senior community began as the Executive Director in Long-Term Care and Assisted Living facilities in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas and Arizona, where he was introduced to the wonders of hospice service, and he has since dedicated his past 14 years working as the Administrator for hospices in Texas and Arizona.

Caleb speaks to his passion about hospice as follows: "As much as we think we can, we cannot stop death from eventually coming for us all. I have seen in hospice that at the end of life what often matters most to a person is someone simply being there - taking the time to hold their hand, give them love and support and to be there. We cannot change the journey, but we can change the path. Working in hospice I feel honored to be a part of so many people's chosen paths on their final journey."